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Now, more than ever, the lines of technology, freedom, and privacy are colliding.  Governments continue their surveillance of citizens in the name of security, huge databases of information on every aspect of individuals’ lives are created, and debates are underway about controlling content.  Yet, while technology is at the epicenter of these profound developments, technology also has the potential to advance the civil society. 

With the US Capitol as a backdrop, CFP2006 in Washington,DC will explore our collective future as technology collides with LIFE, LIBERTY, & DIGITAL RIGHTS.  CFP2006 will explore issues that impact us all, wherever we are, around the world.

For more information, visit the main CFP page at www.cfp.org and read CFP2000 Chair Lorrie Cranor’s essay "Ten Years of Computers, Freedom and Privacy: A Personal Retrospective".



John Twelve Hawks, author of the bestselling work “The Traveler,” has donated two signed and numbered copies of his book to CFP.

We will be raffling off these copies of “The Traveler” to attendees who have pre-registered for CFP2006,
so don’t delay-– register today!



CFP2006 sponsors include:


The Keynote Speakers for CFP2006 are:

Senator Patrick Leahy

Lydia Parnes, Director of the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection

Stewart Baker, Assistant Secretary for Policy for the Department of Homeland Security

Vernor Vinge, Mathematician, Computer Scientist, and Science Fiction Author

This year’s CFP will also feature a special message from John Twelve Hawks, author of The Traveler


Panels, discussions, sessions, speakers... Here are just some of the areas CFP2006 LIFE, LIBERTY and DIGITAL RIGHTS will address:

I Spy with My Big Eye: Government Surveillance

Is 2006 the Year for a Comprehensive Federal Privacy Law?

Adware and Spyware: Advertiser and Affiliate Responsibility

Google Print, Copyright, and the Future of Indexing and Search

The China Syndrome: Internet Censorship in China

Building Privacy into E-Health

Electronic Voter Database Issues

Electronic Voting

Political Speech and the Internet: Applying Campaign Finance Laws to the Blogosphere


Third Party Database Issues

Internet Governance and the Digital Divide

Internet Governance as an Advocacy Platform

The Future of Digital Rights Management

Fair Use

Applying CALEA to the Internet


Social Networks: A Little Too Friendly?

Pseudonymity and the Internet

Network Neutrality

Yacht Rockin’: Finding an Audience Online